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1 1. What is Domino?

  • It is a name and a direction in the Internet. example: (It is as the direction of your house)

2 2. What is a Hosting (Web Hosting)?

  • Hosting is a word of the Groins that means to provide with accomodations or to lodge (It is as the space within your house, where you install your furniture and electric home appliances). Applied to the Internet, it means to put a webpage in a servant of Internet so that she can be seen in any place of the entire world with access the Internet.

3 3. Where located our are servers?

  • Our servers are located in Dallas-Texas Estados Unidos of North America with a totally safe infrastructure.

4 4. That forms of payment I can use?

  • You can in line realise his payment with the majority of Financial organizations of the country by means of PSE, make a deposit in bank, a turn by Efecty, I vote or Warehouses of the Group Success or with his Credit card Visa, Master Card or American Express in line.

5 5. What is Direction IP?

  • It is an own and exclusive electronic direction that identifies the site where is the webpage. example:

6 6. What is Space Available?

  • To each hosting assigns a space to him in the hard disk of the servant. The space available in each plan is assigned according to the Plan that you contract. A Website can contain several hundreds of pages of text or images, or a single page of information.

7 7. What is Bandwidth (Band Width)?

  • Bandwidth is the amount of traffic of the network in Internet related to its domain. A great amount of 2.000 less than websites uses Megabyte (2GB) of traffic per month; nevertheless, very famous sites can use three or four times but. Our plans of hosting have a capacity of limitless transference.

8 8. What is Service of E-mail?

  • Each account of hosting receives mailboxes of e-mail (e-mail POP3) individual, according to each plan. Each mailbox is programmable from the Control Panel, with an own name and a key of access. Each account of mail or mailbox is of the type: €œ[email protected]€ and allows to receive and to send e-mail. Each mailbox includes in addition a autocontestador to received messages and a report of delivery for the sent messages

9 9. What is FTP?

  • FTP in Groins means File Transfer Protocol (Protocol for the Transference of File). With the help of the FTP, the webpages rise and lower to the servant of Internet. Each user has an access FTP and a Control Panel where he can Administer his Archives, from service FTP the user can raise and lower to archives and directories to the Website. The service of FTP this available 24 hours the 365 days of the year.

10 10. Characteristic What at technical level support?

  • Data bases MySQL
  • Programming/Scripting
  • Scripts cgi Pre-Install (FormMail, Accountants, Web search engine)
  • PGPmail support
  • Javascript/VBScript
  • Support Frontpage 2000
  • Private CGI-BIN
  • Support PHP
  • Support ASP (Planes Windows Server PLESK)
  • Jquery
  • Support Multimedia
  • Support Macromedia Shockwave
  • Use MIDI File
  • Administrator PAMPERS
  • Electronic commerce
  • Safe servant SSL (https://) (additional)
  • Cart of Purchases
  • Joomla
  • Fantastic
  • Oscommerce
  • Etc.

11 11. What additional services receipt with my new account of hosting?

  • From any place of the world and using a PC with access to Internet, you will be able to enter the Control Panel and to handle his Website, simply digitando his name of user and the secret key (password) of personal access, in addition she will receive:
  • Page 404/Not programmable Found
  • Pages with Protection of Password
  • Statistics of the Site
  • Detailed statistics
  • You have a detailed registry by every month, day and hour of the visits (hits)
  • Technical support
  • Support via e-mail
  • Connectivity & Hardware
  • Multiple OC-3c connectivity
  • Storage
  • Monitoring 24 hours of the Servant and the Network
  • Services of and-Marketing (Optional)

12 12. What is Phishing?

  • Phishing is a computer science term that denominates a type of crime fitted within the scope of the cybernetic swindles, and that is committed by means of the use of a type of social engineering characterized to try to acquire confidential data of fraudulent form (as it can be a password or detailed information on credit cards or another banking information). The swindler, met as phisher, is made happen through a person or company of confidence in one pretends electronic official communication, in general an e-mail, or some system of telephone mail instant¡nea1 or also using even called. Given the increasing number of denunciations of incidents related to phishing, additional methods of protection are required. Attempts with laws have been realised that punish the practice and campaigns to come up to the users with the application of technical measures to the programs. Law relatings to information: Wikipedia

13 13. What is Malware?

  • Malware (of English malicious software), also called badware, malignant code, malicious software or hostile software, is a type of software that it has as objective to infiltrate or to damage a computer or Information system without the consent of his proprietor. The term malware is very used by professionals of computer science to talk about to a variety of hostile, intrusive or annoying software. The term computer virus usually is applied of incorrect form to talk about to all the types of malware, including the virus true. Software considers malware based on the effects that, thought by the creator, cause in a computer. The term malware includes virus, worms, Trojans, most of rootkits, scareware, intrusive spyware, adware, crimeware and other malicious and undesirable software. Law relatings to information: Wikipedia

14 14. What is a Virus?

  • A computer virus is malware that it intends to alter the normal operation of the computer, without the permission or the knowledge of the user. The virus, habitually, replaces EXE files by infected others with the code of this. The virus can destroy, of deliberate way, the data stored in a computer, although also more inoffensive others exist, than they are only characterized for being annoying. The computer viruses have, basically, the function to propagate through a software, they are not talked back to themselves because they do not have that faculty [mentions required] as the computer worm, are very injurious and some contain in addition one loads harmful (payload) with different objectives, from a simple joke to realising important damages in the systems, or blocking the computer science networks generating useless traffic. Law relatings to information: Wikipedia
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