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It solves the PQRS
of your Clients in line!


Our APP of PQR will allow their Company to take care of Requests, Complaints, Reclamations and Suggestions of their Clients by means of a Platform 100% In line, when entering their Client will be able to send the request and to enclose archives with pertinent information to their request as images, documents, evidences, among others.

The APP for PQRs settles directly in its account of Hosting of its Company and has a price of Unique Payment.
  • Form of Reception for PQRS in line
  • 100% Responsive one (Load from PCs, Cellular, Tablets, etc)
  • Code of Captcha Security
  • Generation of PDFs automatic to the e-mail of its Clients
  • Notification by E-mail when receiving a new PQRS
  • Control Panel for Administrators
  • *Incluye Service of Installation

$ 540.000
Unique payment

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  • Hosting
  • Domains
Corporative plan, SME or Entrepreneur?
We have the Plan with the ideal price for your project, is a small project in your Startup until great Dedicated Servers, you can realise the hiring in line, our system will be in charge to give a number you of contract, to guide to you and to take you to the process of payment and instantaneous activation, pays it of monthly form c³madamente or annual, we understand your pocket here.
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# 1 in registry of names of domains
Allow to show us to you because we are #1 in registry of names of domains, lodging Web and products of electronic commerce, observes our prices in registry of Domains. Hurry to you to register now yours!
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Design Web to size
You need help to construct the website of your dreams? In Colombia Domains we were in charge, enjoys the services of our agency of publicity and development.
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Solutions in line for your needs.
From footbridges of payments, Software of invoicing to developments to size, Colombia Domains is the best solution to automate the processes in your company or business.
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Professional solutions
To your disposition you will have a team of quick professionals to solve each of your requirements and to offer the best solutions you as they are it: Certificates SSL, Positioning Web and Back up Advanced of your data.
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What is Domino?
It is a name and a direction in the Internet. example: (It is as the direction of your house)
What is a Hosting (Web Hosting)?
Hosting is a word of the Groins that means to provide with accomodations or to lodge (It is as the space within your house, where you install your furniture and electric home appliances). Applied to the Internet, it means to put a webpage in a servant of Internet so that she can be seen in any place of the entire world with access the Internet.
Where located our are servers?
Our servers are located in Dallas-Texas Estados Unidos of North America with a totally safe infrastructure.
That forms of payment I can use?
You can in line realise his payment with the majority of Financial organizations of the country by means of PSE, make a deposit in bank, a turn by Efecty, I vote or Warehouses of the Group Success or with his Credit card Visa, Master Card or American Express in line.

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