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Profile of the Company
Our Experience
Our Experience includes a file of cases solved successfully from year 2004 to date presents, we have happened through all type of technical trialses and logics and we have surpassed them in equipment, we recognize the importance of working with each one of the members of the area of Technical Support, each effort and every night in candle always trying to have our servers Online and functional 100%.
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Our Allies
We count on important allies within the Industry, same that allow us to much more offer complete services that any other supplier, we have agreements with the main financial organizations and card tax exemptions to process payments of users from any part of the world, during our time on watch to the public we have obtained agreements with important Companies, the same that today is part of our select group of strategic allies.
Our History

We have two types of services of Technical Support, the basic service comes including with anyone of our Products, this will help to solve problems him in the basic services of the servant, as the service Web or of post office and the service of Advanced Support, it allows him to receive attendance in special cases: as cases of programming and small changes attended the configuration of his account of hosting, we counted on availability of the service of Support 24/7 by means of tickets of support.
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We took the Security as something very serious, we maintain updated our servers with the last versions of software available and maintain blocked the ports that are not necessary, we counted on our own Control center and Monitoring which allows to review and to monitor our servers every second us, we counted on Firewalls of last technology and all the tools necessary to offer him to a Security 5 stars.
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Our History

February 2004

From the beginning of our operations in Colombia, our Company has focused in giving excellent solutions focused in first instance to the SMEs, from year 2004 at the precise moment when we made the decision to register our domain we knew that we would have a great task ahead,

June 2007

it was as well as 3 years later the Company already had obtained his first 1,000 Clients and we saw ourselves in the obligation engage personnel suitable and enabled to take to end the important work to take care of our Call Center

December 2010

Thus it is as we offered the possibility him to the new Businessmen of initiating his Project on the Web, Companies as Culture and of the Mayorship of Medell­n, of the Time, the Interior of Antioch and others decided at the time to trust us for the lodging of their aplicativos.


At present we have provided with accomodations more than 25,000 Domains in our enterprise network of Hosting and Dominios and we have consolidated as the solution adapted in accordance with People, SMEs and Great Companies.
Information of our Datacenter
Equipment of Energy and
UPS systems
Technology that endorses our service offering him facility and stability to the servers.
System of swiches
Juniper and Cisco
System of swiches Juniper and Cisco, our network is 100% superfluous one with 8 suppliers of additional access to Internet.
Our Datacenter
It offers
Generators Diesel with autonomy of 15 days for a correct operation, we have generators to the north and the south of the platform thus we can offer an electrical stability him of the 100% in case of faults.
It completes technology
in Hardware
Among them Solid servers Intel Dual Xeon, Hard disks for the Backups and excellent Processors to obtain an optimal storage.

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